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The List

I think part of being an adult is having lists. My most mundane grocery lists might get halfway jotted down on a …


A Wisconsin Chocolate Tour

I can tell you the exact month I became a little crazy about chocolate. It was February 2008, and it was Mr. …


My Thesis Survival Diet

I’m entering survival mode. I do have priorities; I don’t have wiggle room. I’m establishing a set of techniques and habits to …


On the Savory Side

Every once in a while I have an “OMG!” moment when I learn or realize something completely new or totally unexpected. A …


The Necessity of Butter

I apologize, I’ve been away for a while. First there was the frantic baking of over a dozen kinds of Christmas cookies. …


Christmas Cookie Panic Mode!

Christmas Cookie Tally: done: 7 frozen dough: 3 still to do: 6 Too many? Maybe… It’s now the last week before Christmas …